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Saturday, May 6
1:30-2 pm

Open Mic

Historic DeKalb Courthouse, LOL Tent
101 E Court Square, Decatur, GA 30030

Ready to take your turn at the mic? Sign up for the Open Mic segment on Saturday at 1:30 pm to share your silliest thoughts or humorous observations. Our esteemed MC is Lew Lefton, a longstanding member of the Atlanta comedy community and a seasoned Decatur Arts Festival coordinator.

Stop by before, and stick around for more rip-roaring good times as local comedians and improv troupes bring laughter and levity to the Decatur Arts Festival.

Host: Lew Lefton
Lew Lefton is an emeritus faculty member in the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech. But Lefton is not just your ordinary geek. He’s also an accomplished and experienced comedian who has done stand up and improv comedy with a geeky twist for more than 30 years. Perhaps Lefton’s unique talents are best summed up by his business card which reads:

Lew Lefton
“He’s funny and he can prove it”

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