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2022 Performance • Check back soon for the 2023 schedule!

Sunday, May 8
2-2:45 pm

Mother’s Day in Words and Stories

Historic DeKalb Courthouse, Performing Arts Tent
101 E Court Square, Decatur, GA 30030

Hosted by Derona King

If Derona King were a superhero, words would be her superpower. She is the creator of Story Matters, an interactive learning workshop, to help people reclaim purpose and creativity in their work through storytelling. She and Carl will soon celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Her favorite people call her grandmother.

Zilphy’s Garden |

Gillian Russell Grable, author of Keeping Promises: Georgia Stories, highlights stories that reveal the capacity for both paid and natural support of family, friends, and neighbors to enable people with developmental disabilities to live in their homes and thrive in their communities. Soon-to-be-published, her new historical fiction book is titled Until We Meet Again: The Life of Jennie Raffield Williams. Over the last forty years, Gillian’s life’s work has been spending time with people with disabilities, their families, neighbors and allies thinking about and discovering support so that people can make their contribution and thrive in their community. This has meant bridging the gap between what is and what’s possible.

She is grateful to have the opportunity to help people tell their stories.

Pre-register for her upcoming book.

James “Jimmy” Freels has lived his entire life in Tucker, Georgia. He graduated from DeKalb’s Lakeside High School in 2013. He attended Georgia State University where he was a staff columnist for the student newspaper, The Signal, and an assistant editor for the literary magazine, Underground. His interests include sports, music, and theatre. He has one sister, one brother-in-law, and four cats. Jimmy is passionate about storytelling and writing and these gifts landed him on the staff of Compassionate Atlanta.

Brenda G. Stanley has published two books of poetry: Lifelines by BG Stanley and This is Your Year of Jubilee: Living and Loving. She is working on two other books: Healing America and I want to Live (Education about Domestic Violence and Poetry for Domestic Violence Survivors). Her interest and passion are writing about life, people, and social issues. She was proud to produce a Spoken Word CD, Can We Use a Greater Symbol? for the beautiful people who were shot by Dylan Roof. She received a personal letter from Rev. Pickney’s wife, Jennifer Pickney, and Jenny Horne, a state representative expressing how much they enjoyed the spoken word tribute. She also loves spending time with other spoken word artists who she believes are the philosophers of today.

This Is Your Year of Jubilee: Living and Loving

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