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9” x 12”


“I have been painting all my life and had a strong connection to nature. I hiked the woods of Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine with my grandparents. I remember being fascinated by the change of the colors of the forest as seasons go by. I was fortunate to live my life in three different countries. This allowed me to experience new places, new people, new languages and of course various landscapes and sceneries. Every place has its magic and has had its influence on me. I believe that when experiencing the beauty of the world around us we are filled with emotions and I am trying to express these emotions on paper. It goes beyond just creating a picture – it represents a moment in my life and my emotional state at that moment. This moment of wonder and fascination by light, shadows, architecture, crisp air or salty ocean breeze is challenging to put on paper. My biggest hope is that I can share this moment, even if it is for a brief second, with a person who is looking at my painting.” – Liliia Yuliya Shuel, Salem, MA

FOR PURCHASING INFORMATION, contact the Decatur Arts Alliance at 404-371-9583 or email.

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