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Stained glass and tile mosaic

18” x 18” x 2”


Mosaic artist Laura Fleming McKellar is an Atlanta, GA native and resident. After receiving a BA from Agnes Scott College, Laura was trained in graphic design at Portfolio Center in Atlanta and worked successfully as a graphic designer for 30 years. With a yearning to return to studio work, Laura began working in mosaics, gradually realizing that she is a more tactile artist and has reinvented her artistic career through mosaic arts. The love of texture, pattern, gathering materials, and translating them into beautiful design are her daily passions. She incorporates stained glass, tile, beads, broken plates and whatever else can be securely glued down into her unique creations. Laura creates symphonies of beauty on her substrates. She is energized by florals, nature and abstracts.

Laura McKellar, Atlanta

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