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Mixed media

22” x 28”


“I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I’ve been a photographer since high school. My first foray into the arts was called Colored Nostalgia. I posed children in old clothes in scenes reminiscent of the 1920s. One day while I was dropping of some of my work to an art gallery, the director told me she saw me more as an artist and I should look on the right side of my brain. I did and the work flowed. I found that creating is my source of being and it adds meaning to my existence. I search out the emotions of a subject, while incorporating my love for culture and staying true to the story that presents itself. Photography is an important experience. I aspire to assist others to deepen their process of self-reflection in my work. Creativity changes the life of the person doing the work and the person seeing it. It has certainly changed mine.” – Ronnie Phillips, Lithonia, GA

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