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60” x 20”


“The subjects of my work are spaces or things that are typically overlooked or even considered mundane. We can all look at the same image, but feel something completely different based on the range of experiences we bring with us. By splicing together multiple views of my subject, I am asking the viewer to slow down and consider different perspectives of the same subject. Sometimes I incorporate empty areas of canvas between spliced images to create a kind of cinematic flux that paces how the viewer experiences the image. Why is one moved by an empty room, or an old staircase? How does one feel about a rumpled bed? What influences those feelings? Although my paintings contain details, sometimes even minute details, I try to leave enough ambiguity in my subjects that the viewer has room to bring their own feelings to their experience of the work.” – Cyndy Epps, Martinez, GA

FOR PURCHASE INFORMATION, contact the Decatur Arts Alliance at 404-371-9583 or via email.

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