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Acrylic on canvas

25” x 27”


“At present, my paintings gravitate toward a series of work involving the resilience of humanity verses nature and their eternal conflict to co-exist harmoniously. I have created a visually energetic surface, using a contrasting field to complement explosive foreground images. A feeling of both tension and depth is achieved by using intriguing spatial relationships.

“Without compromising the integrity of the ‘Glass Release Stain Painting’ technique, I have developed a process in which I apply multiple stages of acrylic paint to glass.  Once dried, I transfer the paint to a stretched canvas in a narrative format. By utilizing this unique procedure, I feel it has provided greater control of my visual expressions, thereby enabling me the opportunity to integrate personal iconography within my composition.” – John Malveto, Walker, LA

FOR PURCHASING INFORMATION, contact the Decatur Arts Alliance at 404-371-9583 or email.

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