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Acrylic, cannilbalized painting parts on canvas

38.75” x 30.5”


“I’m interested in organic forms, and the decomposition and cannibalization of my paintings to produce new forms. I feel the need for continual physical and metaphorical deconstruction and reconstruction of my paintings as I deal with personal failures, current social-political issues, and contemporary art dialogue. I am interested in the layered and amorphous qualities of paint that accentuate the tactile sense of vision. There is movement and tension, an internal force that pulls things toward figuration. My paintings want to be abstract and representational simultaneously. I have always been interested in the process of painting, how a painting is an object that records its own construction. How the process of the construction – the movement of the artist’s body, the artist’s decisions, both good and bad, the serendipitous phenomena, all contribute to a work’s ability to generate empathy in the viewer.” – R Pruett, Monroe, GA

FOR PURCHASING INFORMATION, contact the Decatur Arts Alliance at 404-371-9583 or email.

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