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Silkscreen print

13.75” x 13.75”


“I portray the daily life of the city where I live. Now, I have to leave this place where I have been staying for the past five years. Here, I have run a restaurant with my mother for 3 three years, made it into a cafe for two years and for the last year, I have used this place as an art studio. Every day after waking up, I worked here and spent my whole day from morning to evening in this place. Here, I thought about how to raise store sales, held a barbecue party with my friends, and played ball games with my dogs as I painted. There is a limit to my memory and as time passes by, I will forget all these memories someday. In order to preserve these memories, I recalled all that have happened during the last five years and recorded them down in the printmaking.” – Dongwook Kim, Du San Dong, Su Seung Gu Deagu, Republic of Korea

FOR PURCHASE INFORMATION, contact the Decatur Arts Alliance at 404-371-9583 or via email.

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