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36” x 24”


“As an artist, I am constantly snapping pictures in my head of moments in time and on occasion, these moments seep out of my head and onto my canvas. Sometimes my paintings are a direct link to my own life, and sometimes they are a peek into someone or something else’s life. Regardless of origin, I think of my paintings as snapshots and I want these snapshots to convey a memory, conjure a story, or create a connection with the viewer.

“I work in acrylic and watercolor and my pieces often incorporate movement and unexpected perspectives. Large canvases that allow my paintbrush to roam make me immensely happy, and I tend to favor minimal backgrounds that force one’s focus to the subject. For me, a stark background adds a layer of drama that might not ordinarily be present, and allows the viewer to use their imagination to finish the scene. Bright pops of color and subtle attempts at humor often find a home in my paintings as well.” – Jordan Yarbrough, Decatur, GA

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