Decatur LOL

Saturday, May 25

noon-5 pm | Decatur Between the Lines Tent

Hosts: Lew Lefton and Amanda Marks

Lew Lefton is not your ordinary geek. Sure, he’s a mathematician and assistant dean of IT at Georgia Tech, but he’s also an accomplished
and experienced comedian who has done stand up and improv comedy for more than 30 years.

Amanda Marks is a quirky and endearing comedian, content creator, and super (tired) mom. She performs stand-up comedy, MCs events throughout the country and co-produces The Brisket Belt Comedy Show.

Laughing Matters | noon- 1 pm

Laughing Matters is pure spontaneous energy channeled through the brains of professional comedy risk-takers specializing in clean family-friendly comedy. Laughing Matters takes your suggestions for people, places, and things and develops scenes, skits, poems, operas, songs, and sketches. Bring your thinking caps and prepare to challenge these fearless participants in theatre without a net.

Make ’ em Laugh Open Mic | 1:30-2 pm

The first three people to sign up starting at 1 pm will each get to do a 5-minute set. The “winner” chosen by the audience applause will be awarded a slot at next year’s LOL tent at the Decatur Arts Festival.

Shaunak Godkhindi
 | 2:30-2:45 pm

This Atlanta-based comedian gigs all around the southeast, and works often at Laughing Skull, and has also performed at Punchline Atlanta, Zanies Nashville and the Georgia Theater. Shaunak has opened up for Aidy Bryant, Rory Scovel, Nore Davis, and many more. His style is fun, spontaneous, rambunctious and he has been described as, “positive, energetic, and fun; kind of like a hamster man” by a stranger after a show. He once made a lady laugh so hard she peed a little and she emailed him after the show saying that her night was ruined. If you’re around Shaunak, you’re usually smiling!

Sam Gordon 3-3:15 pm

Born in Chicago and traditionally raised on a steady diet of hot dogs, most of Sam’s youth was spent performing in local theater, usually in the role of someone’s evil stepmother. She spent six years hosting at Jstreet Radio on WRLR before cutting her comedy teeth in The Second City sketch program. Sam has featured for comedians such as Michael Ian Black and Shane Mauss at venues all over the country. Sam now lives in Atlanta where she runs Windy Peach Comedy, a producer of comedic content and events, including the national pop-up show, Don’t Tell Comedy.

Brandon North | 3:30-3:45 pm

Brandon, a local scientist, uses humor to explain the effect of trap music on climate change, the best way to make a new friend, and why you should always carry a snack. Atlanta based humorist Brandon performs with non profit Whole World Improv Theatre. Follow his jokes on Twitter @bnorth21.

Unscripted Shakespeare Ensemble | 4-5 pm

The Unscripted Shakespeare Ensemble performs fully improvised plays in the style of William Shakespeare based on your suggestions! Hie thee hither to witness a comedy, tragedy, or history invented before thine eyes by the preeminent improvisers of Atlanta.

Theater and Literary Arts Committee

Program coordinator: Jerry G. White
Decatur LOL coordinator: Lew Lefton