Acoustic Palette

Acoustic Palette Tent | Music and Art – unplugged expression!


Baatin | noon

Baatin returns to the Acoustic Palette this year with his mix of blues, Hendrix, R&B, and spirituals!

Jeannie Caryn | 2 pm

A 2018 semi-finalist for the Georgia Country Female Artist of the Year, Jeannie Caryn began playing various Atlanta open-mic nights in 2010 and soon was playing her own gigs throughout the city. Raised in Las Vegas, Jeannie says she’d like to see her name in neon on the Vegas Strip someday, “but ultimately, as long as I can please an audience with story, song, and art, I feel accomplished.”

Veronika Jackson | 4 pm

Anything Veronika Jackson sings sounds soulful. Her music draws inspiration from traditional blues and the 1960s folk music movement. She is a singer/songwriter who performs originals as well as classic songs. Veronika Jackson is the grassroots of American folk blues.


Joe Capo | noon

Based in Atlanta, Joe has performed along the east coast as a solo artist and with local, regional, and national acts. His style has been labeled “acoustic parlor guitar” blending elements of blues, jazz, and new age into his original arrangements of popular tunes and original compositions.

Wyatt Espalin | 2 pm

“The Last Leaf,” Wyatt’s newest collection of songs, provides listeners a glimpse of an artist rediscovering himself. Going back to his north Georgia roots has left the fiddler/singer evaluating and celebrating who he has become as an artist. During his performances, the haunting, intimate songs juxtaposed with his hilarious stories create a beautiful tension.

Frank Hamilton School | 4 pm

Founded in 2015, the Frank Hamilton School makes music three nights a week at Oakhurst Baptist Church. After an hour of instrument and singing instruction, the second half brings all the classes together to sing and play. Everyone’s welcome!

Theater and Literary Arts Committee

Program coordinator: Jerry G. White
Acoustic Palette coordinator: Lauren Tennyson, Jerry G. White