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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday | May 24-26
Presented by Beacon Dance, Core Dance, and the Decatur Recreation Center

Breaking New Ground: New Dance at the Decatur Arts Festival is in multiple venues again this year, including Core Studios on the Square at 139 Sycamore St., the Decatur Recreation Center at 231 Sycamore St., and Breen’s Alley, between 133 Sycamore and 139 Sycamore. Programming includes learning opportunities in addition to entertaining and thought-provoking performances.

EnCore: Dance on Film

Friday, May 24 | 5-10 pm

Stop for a dance on your ArtWalk! The evening film series brings together a collection of original dance works created for the screen, perfumed, choreographed and directed by local artists and their regional, natural and international peers.

Dance Events

Flamenco Youth Performance
Saturday, May 25 | 10 am

Decatur Recreation Center, 231 Sycamore St.

Fiesta flamenquita en Café Olé
The morning starts with a little ruckus at the Decatur Arts Festival when 20 mighty flamenco dancers bring the Spanish art form that they love to the Children’s Arts Festival. Performers aged 5-16 will showcase flamenco songs and dances that they have studied in Decatur, including at Glennwood Elementary. This show is by kids for kids, and families are encouraged to gather around to capture some inspiration and to cheer “Olé!” as they clap and stomp and twirl.

Saturday, May 25 and 
Sunday, May 26
Decatur Recreation Center Dance Studio | 231 Sycamore St.

Saturday Program | 4-5:15 pm

Dance the World Back, by Jerylann Warner
Creative Medley, by Gloria Blalock-Kitchens
iCloud, by Alessia Lovereglio-Wilson
on any occasion, under any circumstance, by The Dancing Flowers for Peace
this is my moment, by The Mediums Collective
Flamenco, by Calo Gitano Flamenco Dance Company
My heart refuses to listen to you, by Heidi Baila

Sunday Program | 3-5 pm

Other, by Lydia Patselas
Softening Angels, by Nadya Zeitlin
Earth, by Alex Spitzer
Waste, by Ann Ritter
The struggle with the duende, by Julie Baggenstoss
Atta Girl!, by Jacquelyn Pritz
Sankofa Communities: The Dance of Displacement, by The Soulprint Players
A Happy Score, by D. Patton White


Decatur Recreation Center Dance Studio | 231 Sycamore St.

Let’s Shimmy with Heidi Baila

Saturday, May 25 | 10-10:50 am

In this class after we warm up we’ll explore the most common, exciting and complex of bellydance moves, the shimmy and explore as many different variations as time allows and end with a fun combo and a cool down.

{I.C.E.D.} Interpretive-Creative-Expressive-Dance with Gloria Blalock-Kitchens

Saturday, May 25 | 11-11:50 am

This class seeks to give participants an experience in self-awareness using their own creative movement that promotes unity despite differences.

DanceAbility… Dance For Everybody! With Ashlee Ramsey

Saturday, May 25 | noon-12:50 pm

DanceAbility… Dance For Everybody! uses the methodology of DanceAbility International to lead dance classes that are open to all people. We invite people with any ability or disability, ages 12-200, and with any or no amount of dance training. Children under 12 are welcome but must be accompanied and assisted by a guardian. DanceAbility classes encourage participants to connect with their body, connect with one another and have fun!

Move to Connect with The Dancing Flowers for Peace

Saturday, May 25 | 1-1:50 pm

Movement, and moving with each other, teaches us to respond with empathy and immediacy. The Dancing Flowers for Peace will facilitate movement improvisations that invite creative play and connection. An exploration of movement’s possibilities will help each mover trust their own creative choices. All movers and all ages are welcome. You will be dancing, collaborating and improvising the whole time. Integration is encouraged!

Bodyscape with Alessia Lovereglio-Wilson

Saturday, May 25 | 2-2:50 pm

Bodyscape is a dance laboratory that focuses on the space inside/outside the body. Passing through a series of practices from contemporary dance techniques with moments of improvisation, we will rediscover the natural dynamics of the body such as fall, jump, spin, twist, roll, spiral, while mindful of breath and bones, to interact dynamically with the space, inhabiting and transforming it. This class is for those who are looking for a different approach to movement.

InterPlay: movement, storytelling, voice and community connection!
Sunday, May 26 | 1-1:50 pm

The simple forms of InterPlay invite participants of all ages and abilities to free the stories, movement and voice within. InterPlay is taught in an incremental and affirming environment where the unique creative expression of each individual is honored and celebrated. InterPlay invites creativity and connection (with oneself and others) in a joyful and accessible atmosphere.

Flamenco Fundamentals with Julie Baggenstoss

Sunday, May 26 | 2-2:50 pm

Participants learn to rhythmically accent music in the song form, bulerías, which is often heard in flamenco fiestas. Percussive movements of the hands, legs, and feet give musicality to basic dance steps in this portion of flamenco this is light and pedestrian, with a focus on feeling the music. No special dance gear or attire is necessary. Experienced dancers, as well as first-time movers, are warmly invited to share in smiles and cheers of “¡Olé!

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